Shadow Shapes in a Pandemic

In 2002 Australia called for families to have three children: one for Mum, one for dad and one for the country. A financial incentive was attached. It attempted (successfully) to increase fertility rates and was associated with strident anti-immigration and … Continue reading

After the Pandemic

Most of the world has closed down: down, not off. The fear of the potential contagion of Covid-19 has stopped us in our tracks. The sky has cleared, plants and small animals are re-emerging along road-sides, people are breathing, really … Continue reading


Richard Denniss is Dead Right

In the interests of affirming that all Men are equal in death the names of the Roll of Honour in the Australian War Memorial are in equal font size. Now they are dwarfed by the names of sponsors such as … Continue reading

We need to talk

Australia Day has been described by various politicians as a day to celebrate all that is great about being Australian; a day that celebrates our values, our Australian values. Australia Day marks the raising of the British flag on the … Continue reading

Imagine the Dreams

Standing in someone else’s shoes requires imagination: the ability to think beyond one’s own world-view and imagine that of another.  Psychologists call it mentalising; others empathy. In Australia we like to think of ourselves as open, friendly, welcoming, egalitarian and … Continue reading