SAM Tells a Story

Shepparton is a rural city that is now associated in my mind with birdsong. It is situated in northern Victoria on the floodplain of the Goulburn River. This fertile area is one of Australia’s food bowls and produces sweet tasting … Continue reading

Dawn Walk in Port Fairy

I am unsure that Brian Cox is absolutely right when on his program Universe he says that we take the sun for granted. If we did, why do so many of us take photos of the sun’s rise and its … Continue reading

Creating New Conversations in Art

This piece of writing comes out of my reflections on activities that I continue to miss as the pandemic ebbs and flows. I am not talking about the walks with friends through the countryside or enjoying the well-brewed coffee made … Continue reading

Shikamoo Babu Kilimanjaro

  Earlier this year I had a brainstorm; I accepted the invitation to join a friend and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Now when I wake up in the early hours of the morning in a state of panic I have to … Continue reading

Whistling in the Wind

How many readers of this column remember the sound of someone whistling as they worked? I remembered this lost sound recently when I heard my neighbour whistling away one Saturday morning. Some days later, coincidently, an acquaintance made the observation … Continue reading

Etruscan Dreaming.

What helps to hold a journey together is the intent behind it. While it is pleasant to wander without aim, this is difficult to sustain. Travelling with a project in mind makes the journey richer allowing for a mix of … Continue reading