We need to talk

Australia Day has been described by various politicians as a day to celebrate all that is great about being Australian; a day that celebrates our values, our Australian values. Australia Day marks the raising of the British flag on the … Continue reading

Whistling in the Wind

How many readers of this column remember the sound of someone whistling as they worked? I remembered this lost sound recently when I heard my neighbour whistling away one Saturday morning. Some days later, coincidently, an acquaintance made the observation … Continue reading

Hobson’s Choice

Charlie Buctin in Craig Silvey’s book, Jasper Jones, recently released as a film of the same title, has a mother that regularly gives him a number of choices, none of which are ones he wishes to make. In anger, when … Continue reading


Something Missing

Something Missing Have you ever walked down a familiar street and noticed that something has changed; that something is missing: a house, a tree, a bench? You try to picture what it is and how it looked before the change? … Continue reading

Reviving Mount Elephant

  The communities of Derrinallum and Lismore demonstrate what people who have a vision can achieve. The much abused and neglected Mount Elephant has been and will continue to be the beneficiary of their energy and resources. Mount Elephant is … Continue reading

Kindness is Genius

  The world seems so ungentle on occasions. We appear to have lost a sense of kindness. Of late, political discourse both here and elsewhere has been brutal. A recent research finding has reported that the human brain is predisposed … Continue reading

Imagine the Dreams

Standing in someone else’s shoes requires imagination: the ability to think beyond one’s own world-view and imagine that of another.  Psychologists call it mentalising; others empathy. In Australia we like to think of ourselves as open, friendly, welcoming, egalitarian and … Continue reading