SAM Tells a Story

Shepparton is a rural city that is now associated in my mind with birdsong. It is situated in northern Victoria on the floodplain of the Goulburn River. This fertile area is one of Australia’s food bowls and produces sweet tasting … Continue reading

Dawn Walk in Port Fairy

I am unsure that Brian Cox is absolutely right when on his program Universe he says that we take the sun for granted. If we did, why do so many of us take photos of the sun’s rise and its … Continue reading

Meaningless Sound and Fury

Reading a recent review of Claire-Louise Bennett’s, Checkout 19, by Clair Wills (London Review of Books, 12 August 2021) gave energy to what is likely to be my last blog. According to Wills, Bennett’s character realises that she doesn’t have … Continue reading

Shadow Shapes in a Pandemic

In 2002 Australia called for families to have three children: one for Mum, one for dad and one for the country. A financial incentive was attached. It attempted (successfully) to increase fertility rates and was associated with strident anti-immigration and … Continue reading

Jacque Cousteau’s Caution

  Over the last few months I have been reading about the push to explore the possibility of colonising other planets and mine their resources. In other words, follow the same practice that has devastated our planet. At the same … Continue reading

Dreams to Nightmares

While I have been dreaming if more equitable governments and more transformative leaders who will anticipate the welfare of people and the environment, others have been dreaming of societies dependent on and imprisoned by technological “solutions”, particularly to further pandemic … Continue reading

Creating New Conversations in Art

This piece of writing comes out of my reflections on activities that I continue to miss as the pandemic ebbs and flows. I am not talking about the walks with friends through the countryside or enjoying the well-brewed coffee made … Continue reading

Women Lead in Time of Crisis

Jon Henley and Eleanor Ainge Roy, writing in The Guardian Weekly (1/5/20), asked whether female leaders were better at containing the spread of Covid-19. (<ahref=”…/why-do-female-leaders-seem-to-be-more- successful-at-managing-the-coronavirus-crisis”>) They reviewed female leader’s responses to Covid-19: nine women who took charge of the … Continue reading

After the Pandemic

Most of the world has closed down: down, not off. The fear of the potential contagion of Covid-19 has stopped us in our tracks. The sky has cleared, plants and small animals are re-emerging along road-sides, people are breathing, really … Continue reading


A long, long time ago there was a faraway kingdom. Views stretched out from the castle towers over hills and dales, towards a high mountain range that circled the realm. Because of its isolation the country was at peace and … Continue reading