We need to talk

Australia Day has been described by various politicians as a day to celebrate all that is great about being Australian; a day that celebrates our values, our Australian values. Australia Day marks the raising of the British flag on the … Continue reading

Finding Compass

  There are other lands that lie on earth and on sea. Their stories have been chronicled by others, such as Professor Su Urguin. The chronicles are sometimes long and detailed – adventures within adventures, some of which are referred … Continue reading

Reviving Mount Elephant

  The communities of Derrinallum and Lismore demonstrate what people who have a vision can achieve. The much abused and neglected Mount Elephant has been and will continue to be the beneficiary of their energy and resources. Mount Elephant is … Continue reading

Kindness is Genius

  The world seems so ungentle on occasions. We appear to have lost a sense of kindness. Of late, political discourse both here and elsewhere has been brutal. A recent research finding has reported that the human brain is predisposed … Continue reading