Fiction: Short and Long

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For the last few years I have been thinking about the role of girls and women in fairy stories; women who are either in need of rescuing and regardless of the character of the rescuer become eternally grateful to him (invariably) or, are wicked women who break all the rules of the nurturing mother and helpmeet.

Marina Warner, AS Byatt, Jeanette Winterson, Neil Gaiman and others have played around with these ideas in a far more complex and subtle way than I am capable of. However, as an exercise in narrating a fairy story with a feminist twist in the traditional way I have had fun and I hope anyone reading them will also have fun.

I have written a novel and have long lost faith that I will find a publisher that will accept my unsolicited manuscript and provide the necessary advice for editing and final publication. I have only tried once but that one attempt was returned so promptly that I wondered whether it had been read. Nevertheless, I have since re-edited and revised the manuscript but do not have the courage or energy to seek a publisher. I have therefore decided to reward myself, at least, by publishing it on this website under The Shattered Mirror.

As always feedback and comments will be gratefully (I hope) received. Regardless of the literary merits of my offerings, an examination of the portrayal of girls and women is important in a world where permission for misogynistic expression is found in the increasingly strident politics of power.