Shikamoo Babu Kilimanjaro

  Earlier this year I had a brainstorm; I accepted the invitation to join a friend and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Now when I wake up in the early hours of the morning in a state of panic I have to … Continue reading

Etruscan Dreaming.

What helps to hold a journey together is the intent behind it. While it is pleasant to wander without aim, this is difficult to sustain. Travelling with a project in mind makes the journey richer allowing for a mix of … Continue reading

The Alimentaria Gourmand

  Passing a small shop, its doors open, its doorway cluttered with boxes of various edibles, packaged herbs and assorted dried pasta, the mixed aromas of bread, cheese and other indecipherable smells all beckoning you to enter the alimentaria, a … Continue reading

Follow the drum beat

Where there is an Italian piazza (no, not pizza but that is not excluded along with aperativos) there is company and entertainment. Who needs a television when travelling in Italy? Piazzas, large and small, are all worth heading to, particularly … Continue reading

Slow Travel in Italy

Traveling presents the traveller with the inevitable problem of how to get from A to B. Once it was easy: carriage which became train or ship. One’s own transport, unless of a certain class, was not an option and traveling … Continue reading

In Praise of the Tabaccheria

The tabaccheria in Italy is rather like the corner shop: a shop of curiosities, an information centre, a connection point. What it sells, apart from tobacco in its many shapes and guises, depends on the whim of the tobacconist. In … Continue reading