Reflecting on the soul, myth and Jung

A recent project to explore how disenfranchised people can use their cultural mythological heroes and heroines to build on their courage and hope, resilience and resourcefulness has lead me to various readings such as Myths to Live By (Joseph Campbell, … Continue reading

Shikamoo Babu Kilimanjaro

  Earlier this year I had a brainstorm; I accepted the invitation to join a friend and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Now when I wake up in the early hours of the morning in a state of panic I have to … Continue reading

Whistling in the Wind

How many readers of this column remember the sound of someone whistling as they worked? I remembered this lost sound recently when I heard my neighbour whistling away one Saturday morning. Some days later, coincidently, an acquaintance made the observation … Continue reading

Hobson’s Choice

Charlie Buctin in Craig Silvey’s book, Jasper Jones, recently released as a film of the same title, has a mother that regularly gives him a number of choices, none of which are ones he wishes to make. In anger, when … Continue reading

Kindness is Genius

  The world seems so ungentle on occasions. We appear to have lost a sense of kindness. Of late, political discourse both here and elsewhere has been brutal. A recent research finding has reported that the human brain is predisposed … Continue reading

The Consequences of Othering the Other

I am so often amazed at the coincidental convergence of my reading: the coming together of ideas, thoughts and ruminations. In the last few weeks three pieces of reading, a novel by Naheed Aslam (The Blind Man’s Garden) and two … Continue reading

Who are we?

A recent article in the London Review of Books (3 March 2016), Where on Earth are you? by Frances Stoner Saunders along with Tommy Wieringa’s novel, These Are The Names (Scribe, 2012) have provided much food for thought. Saunders’ article introduces … Continue reading

Rethinking Failure

After a long absence from updating this blog, I have returned. In my last blog I was determined to write about the adventures of doing something new, and, like so many, made a resolution and promptly failed to carry it … Continue reading