Jacque Cousteau’s Caution

  Over the last few months I have been reading about the push to explore the possibility of colonising other planets and mine their resources. In other words, follow the same practice that has devastated our planet. At the same … Continue reading

After the Pandemic

Most of the world has closed down: down, not off. The fear of the potential contagion of Covid-19 has stopped us in our tracks. The sky has cleared, plants and small animals are re-emerging along road-sides, people are breathing, really … Continue reading

Reflecting on the soul, myth and Jung

A recent project to explore how disenfranchised people can use their cultural mythological heroes and heroines to build on their courage and hope, resilience and resourcefulness has lead me to various readings such as Myths to Live By (Joseph Campbell, … Continue reading


Richard Denniss is Dead Right

In the interests of affirming that all Men are equal in death the names of the Roll of Honour in the Australian War Memorial are in equal font size. Now they are dwarfed by the names of sponsors such as … Continue reading


Something Missing

Something Missing Have you ever walked down a familiar street and noticed that something has changed; that something is missing: a house, a tree, a bench? You try to picture what it is and how it looked before the change? … Continue reading